File and Polish

Quick pick me up for busy toes. Nail shape, buff, cuticle oil and polish.


Princess File and paint (5 year-12 year old)
Princess Pedicure (7 year- 12 years old)
Nail shape, buff, cuticle oil, scrub, massage and a polish 

Spa Pedicure

Our spa pedicure will leave your feet feeling totally refreshed and pampered! Your feet are soaked, nail grooming, cuticle tidy, revitalising exfoliation, callus removal and a relaxing foot massage finished with a polish.

£36 finished with a polish

£42 finished with a gel polish
Naked Pedicure £32.00 (without polish) 

Gel Removal and Spa Pedicure (polish) 


Gel Removal and Gel Spa Pedicure


Express Gel Pedicure 

Quick pick me up: nail shape, gel polish and cuticle oil.

£ 24.00

Gel Removal on feet

Gels are removed, nail file, buff and cuticle oil.

Removal Only: £12

Removal with a strengthener: £16

Removal with a Polish: £22

The Deluxe Tula Rose Pedicure

The ultimate relaxation for your feet! This deluxe pedicure allows you to choose your desired scent for your products: Lavender Relieve, Jasmine Soothe and Eucalyptus Energy Boost. This treatment includes a sea salt soak, callus removal, revitalising sugar scrub, nail and cuticle grooming. Your feet and your lower leg are wrapped in a nourishing mud mask then your feet are placed in thermal heated booties to aid deeper penetration and aid relaxation. Your treatment is complete with a relaxing massage butter and nail polish.
*If you prefer a paraffin wax pedicure the mud masque and thermal heated booties can be substituted on the day.

1 hour 15 minutes - £46.00

*Additional £6.00 for a Gel polish application
(£4.00 for a french pedicure which can be added to any pedicure treatment please state when booking to allow more time)


Callus Peel

Are your feet in need of some extra loving care? This is an intensive treatment that removes hard, callused skin. Leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised!
Single treatment or an add on to any of our pedicure treatments. 
'Callus Peel ' treats your most pressing concern; your heel or the arch of your foot. We add onto this treatment our Tula Rose callus and scrub for the whole of your foot. 
30 Minutes £20.00

Pressed for time?
Please let us know if you would like to combine any pedicure and manicure treatments to be done at the same time, we know time is very precious and we are happy to help in any way we can.