Our facials at Tula Rose come complete with a thorough consultation to address your skin’s concerns- we are here to help and personalise your entire facial to your skin type and concerns. 


Our invigorating and fully bespoke facial to you, shall leave you feeling deeply cleansed, hydrated and radiant. This treatment involves steam, ultrasonic cleansing, custom exfoliation, mechanical and manual blackhead extractions. Dermaplaning will lift away all the dead skin cells and vellus hair. Hydrate and glow with our nutrient rich algae mask. You will receive our bespoke massage which will relieve tension in your neck and shoulders. Red LED light will help to promote collagen and stimulate melatonin- whilst you enjoy a head massage. Facial massage will help lift and sculpt incorporating cupping, hot stones and Our Tula Rose Ice Globes. 

You will drift away and return feeling invigorated, refreshed with glowing skin.

75 Minutes: £120



This treatment is perfect for those needing some purification or decongestion. 
Your skin shall be steamed, ultrasonic cleansing, custom exfoliation to help the removal of stubborn blackheads extractions. Anti-bacterial ultra violet High Frequency shall be used to kill bacteria and boost collagen. A cooling blemish algae mask will be used whilst you enjoy a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage. Blue LED mask will be added to set of a chemical reaction that eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Pressure point facial massage will complete your experience. 

75 Minutes £110



The ultimate micro-needling facial to stimulate the production of new, healthy looking skin. The treatment will include a deep cleanse using steam and ultrasonic, extractions, dermaplaning or an enzyme peel (if dermaplaning is not suitable or not wanted), algae mask, LED light, head, shoulder and arm massage. 

Mirco-needling procedure causing 'mirco- injuries' into the skin alongside this we use active ingredients that shall strengthen skins barrier, hydrate and reduce inflammation whilst supporting skins remodelling process. This treatment shall stimulate new collagen and elastin which will improve acne scarring, minimise wrinkles and helps to reverse free radical damage. 

75 Minutes: £150



35% TCA medical grade peel which is safe for all skin types and has little to no downtime. The peel uses a biphasic technology which allows the peel to bypass the epidermis and work from the inside out. 
Helps to treat acne, acne scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, large pores, dullness and texture. 
Treatment will begin with lymphatic massage and will include LED light therapy and hydrating mask. 

75 Minutes £150



Our high-performance results driven facial will leave you and your skin glowing from the inside out. This facial involves a deep cleanse using steam and ultrasonic with professional exfoliation to improve texture with manual and mechanical blackhead extractions. You will receive a tension relieving shoulder massage whilst a nutrient rich mask works to nourish your skin. Lifting facial massage to help to sculpt and eliminate toxins will be performed using Gua Sha and facial cupping finished with our soothing Tula Rose Ice Globes.
You will leave with your mind and body relaxed and revived.

*Review our add-ons to amplify your experience

60 Minutes: £80



Perfect before an event if you need brightening up. 
This treatment is designed to target your most pressing skin concern.
Choose on the day from blackhead extractions or a mini mask and massage. It combines key steps of professional exfoliation providing you with visible results fast. 

45minutes: £45

Include Dermaplanning £50



At Tula Rose we understand the concerns that pregnancy can bring for your skin- with hormonal fluctuations showing up in your skin from acne to hyperpigmentation. We have created a pregnancy glow facial which is a relaxing yet effective treatment that will allow you to unwind whilst we work on your skin. We will use carefully chosen products that are safe in pregnancy and deliver real changes to how your skin looks and feels. You will enjoy steam, extractions and powerful nutrient mask- along with a relaxing facial massage using our Tula Rose Ice Globes and Gua Sha. This will allow you to drift away to focus on you and your baby bump!

*Review our add-ons to amplify your experience

60 Minutes: £65.00


Indulge in a tension reliving 30-minute back massage followed by a result driven facial. Your facial will include steam, blackhead extractions, high frequency and a nutrient rich algae mask. A soothing massage involving our Tula Rose Ice Globes and a Gua Sha will be performed.

90 Minutes: £90.00


Relax and unwind with a tension relieving 30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage. Accompanied with a 30-minute facial to address your skins most pressing concern- enough to help you feel totally rejuvenated and restored.

60 minutes: £70




Back neck and shoulder massage
Head and scalp massage
Foot Massage
Gua Sha and Tula Rose Ice Globe massage

15 minutes for each add on: £15.00