File and paint

Quick pick me up for busy hands. Nail shape, buff, cuticle oil and polish.


Princess File and paint (5 year-12 year old)
Princess Manicure (7 year- 12 years old)
Nail shape, buff, cuticle oil, scrub, massage and a  polish 

Vegan Manicure

Treat yourself to a 100% Vegan manicure. Nail file, shape, cuticle tidy and cuticle oil. Followed with a scrumptious scrub that gently polishes your skin to leave it feeling super soft and massage. Our treatment is completed with either with a buff, clear or Vegan nail polish.

£25.00 buff or clear finish

£30.00 vegan polish

Add on for a Deluxe Manicure:
Vegan Vitamin E Mask with thermal heated mittens £10.00

Spa Manicure

This manicure will refresh and condition your hands and nails. Nail soak, nail shape, cuticle tidy, buff and cuticle oil. Finished with a refreshing exfoliation, massage and polish.

Naked Manicure £20.00 (without polish) 

The Tula Rose Signature Manicure

Pamper yourself with this illuminating manicure that will refresh and condition hands and nails to produce bright hands. Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied, and hands exfoliated with a soothing sugar scrub which will help your busy hands to feel rejuvenated. You will then enjoy a mud masque wrapped in thermal heated mittens to aid deeper penetration and super soft skin. Your treatment is complete with a hand massage with nourishing creams and nails polished.
*If you prefer a paraffin wax manicure the mud masque and thermal heated mittens can be substituted on the day.

*Additional £6.00 for a Gel polish application £6.00


Gel Manicure

Your longer lasting polish will include nail shape, cuticle tidy, buff, gel polish, cuticle oil and a soothing hand massage.


Express Gel Manicure

Quick pick me up: nail shape, gel polish and cuticle oil.

                       £27.00(with removal)

(*Additional £4.00 for a french manicure which can be added to any manicure treatment please state when booking to allow more time)

Gel Removal on hands

Gels are removed, nail file, buff and cuticle oil.
Removal only: £10
Removal with a strengthener: £14
Removal with a polish: £19

IBX strengthens and repairs damaged nails both under a gel polish or on its own. It helps to strengthen thin, bendy nails and fill ridges and grooves to create a smooth surface. IBX will have an on-going beneficial effect on the natural nail and is a perfect add on to your spa manicure or gel manicure.



Pressed for time?

Please let us know if you would like to combine any pedicure and manicure treatments to be done at the same time, we know time is very precious and we are happy to help in any way we can.