Tula Rose Gel Manicure

Tula Rose gel manicure featuring shaping, cuticle care, moisturising, cuticle oil and a soothing hand massage, completed with a gold spritz. 


The Signature Tula Rose Gel Manicure 

Indulgence for your hands and nails, using beautiful luxury products. After your gel manicure, your nails are exfoliated, moisturised, hand and arm massage, cuticle oil, completed with a gorgeous scented spritz. 


Upgrade; hands our wrapped in a mask and heated mitts £50



Builder in a bottle

At Tula Rose we use the original creators of BIAB; British The Gel Bottle. BIAB is made of ingredients that work to strengthen and nourish the nail, so it helps to harden your natural nails while you wear it.

BIAB nails are a great option for anyone looking to grow or strengthen their natural nails.

£45 (with removal)


The Deluxe Tula Rose BIAB Manicure £55


Spa Manicure

Normal polish manicure will refresh and condition your hands and nails. Nail soak, shaping, cuticle care, finished with a refreshing exfoliation, soothing hand massage, completed with gold spritz. 

Naked Manicure £25.00  (clear/buff finish)


Express Hands

Quick pick me up: nail shape, polish and cuticle oil.

Polish £16

Gel £27



Please request when booking to allow more time
French £5.00 

Gel Removal on hands

Gels are removed, nail file, cuticle oil and strengthener 
Removal with a strengthener: £15
Removal with a polish: £20

IBX strengthens and repairs damaged nails both under a gel polish or on its own. It helps to strengthen thin, bendy nails. IBX will have an on-going benwficial effect on the natural nail and is perfect add on to your spa or tula rose gel manicure. 


Little Princess Treatments 

Princess File and paint (5 year-12 year old)
Princess Manicure (7 year- 12 years old)
Nail shape, buff, cuticle oil, scrub, massage and a  polish 

Vegan Manicure

Treat yourself to a 100% Vegan Manicure. 

£25.00 buff/clear finish

£30.00 vegan polish


Pressed for time?

 We know time is very precious and we are happy to help in any way we can, so if you would like to combine any treatments at the same time please let us know.